Step Out

Program: Erasmus+ Key Action 1, Training Course
Title: Step Out
Partners: Genesis ZS (Czech Republic) – I Participate (Greece) – Associacio Globers (Spain) – World Youth Alliance Middle East (Lebanon) – Lykia Izcilik Ve Doga Sporlari Kulubu Dernegi (Turkey) – AAC: Associação Academia Cidadã (Portugal) – En Kint Egyesulet a Bekeert Es Fejlodesert (Hungary) – Saglam Dusunce Gencler Teskilati Ictimai Birliyi (Azerbaijan )

Duration: June 2019-July 2020

The international project STEP OUT is a two level program focused on developing individual skills, challenging comfort zone and discovering individual talents. Participants of the project will acquire deeper knowledge of themselves, possibility to discover their unique talents and attitude to expand comfort zone in different areas of life.


1st stage: 11-21 August 2019 Czech Republic (Pec pod Sněžkou – Krkonoše Mountains)


2nd stage: April 2020 Greece (Paranesti – Drama)


This project aims at challenging participants and their comfort zone. Through this project we want to help participants to reach their true potential and explore new possibilities.

Objectives of the project:

  • Authenticity – Our ability to be ourselves is our biggest advantage so let’s learn how to use it and don ́t waste it!
  • Improvisation – Being able to react on unexpected things is predicted to be one of the most valuable skills. Have you ever kissed A frog?
  • Self-development – Reading books is fine but until we are ready to look into the eyes of our demons, we will never truly grow…
  • Discipline – If you can master yourself, you can master your life!
  • Breaking boundaries – One can go only as far as her/his imagination! So let’s imagine without boundaries and live our lives likewise!


  • involved in the NGO sector (or they would like to be)
  • Youth leader or youth worker
  • Curious newcomer to the NGO world
  • Aged Above 18
  • Ready and available to be involved in both stages of the project actively
  • Ready to work on your personal development
  • Ready to go deeper in your own life