From M.E. to E.U.

Program: EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, Strand 2 – Measure 3, Civil society projects
Duration: January 2019 – June 2020

Our project proposal aims to provide spaces and opportunities for European citizens and migrants’ communities to work together in order to build up and share a new idea of a multicultural Europe. The concept we believe in is that beside formal citizenship, there are different ways and methods to involve people in the growing up of a society. Refugee communities are, as a matter of fact, a part of our population and will contribute, together with us, to the shaping of our future. For this reason every migrant should be considered a citizen and every citizen could bring ideas, innovative approaches, participation methods to the community in which he lives. Our aim, as NGO, is to overturn the idea of a society in which refugees are outsiders to be managed, a problem to be solved, a crisis to deal with. Our will is to move out, from migrant people, the guilt of stealing our “well-being” and of ruining our values and give them back the responsibility of being part of the growing of our society.
One of the biggest challenges of the new century could then be tackled with a new approach, not only centered on pitiful and helpful, but on sharing of experiences, collaboration, building of double-win solutions. Our project FROM M.E. To E.U. will consist in a path of inclusion between citizens and refugees and migrants, fostering a mutual assistance through a peer-to-peer approach.
The project will be developed in 3 phases. Each phase will be developed in 2 different levels: international training meetings and local activities, as described below.


  1. International training course: 4 days with 56 participants (7 pax per country: 3 form each municipality and 4 from ONG)

Target: citizens and representatives from partner organizations

Aims: to train participants on how to run the local workshops. They will improve their knowledge about:

  • European Union and the meaning of European citizenship
    • Intercultural learning
    • Team building
    • Conflict management

Venue: Brussels – Belgium – 8-10 April 2019

  • Local activity “MY EUROPE, MY STORY”: A local workshop using storytelling as a tool to better understand each other cultures. EU citizens will explain European Union (Organization, Institutions, values, purposes); migrants will tell about who they are, where they come from, their history, etc.


  1. International training course: 4 days with 56 participants (7 pax per country: 3 form each municipality and 4 from NGO)

Target: citizens and representatives from partner organizations

Aims: to share ideas and set up the following local activities (survey and workshops)

Venue: Zaragosa, Spain 2-4 July 2019

  • Local activity “SURVEY”: citizens and volunteerswill collect video-interviews addressed to citizens and migrants to gather their opinions on this topic: mutual support between citizens and migrants.
  • Local activity “I NEED (E)U, (E)U NEED ME”: 2 peer-to-peer workshops designed and implemented by citizens and migrants to bring out their needs and dreams; Europe citizens will state their difficulties, refugees will explain their needs. Together they will try to find solutions, exchange good practices, make concrete proposals on how to foster a better common living in their community.


  1. Local activity “S.O.S. VOLUNTEERS”: starting from the needs and solutions arisen during the previous local activities, a platform on volunteering bases of mutual help will be implemented. Eg: citizens could offer assistance to migrants in practical/bureaucratic/legal issues; migrants could propose actions useful for citizens and local community (such as to help elderly people in daily matters, gardening, shopping and so on). Volunteers will be recruited also through the European Solidarity Corps.
  2. Local activity “S.O.S. VOLUNTEERS”: implementation of volunteering activities
  3. International final meeting: citizens and representatives from partner organizations will meet to share the local activities implemented, to set up a dissemination strategy and to evaluate the project.

Target: citizens and representatives from partner organizations

Aims: final evaluation of the project and sharing dissemination strategy

Venue: Valdagno – Italy

For more information follow the webpage of the program as well as its facebook page .