Culture Crossover

The project ‘Culture Crossover’ aims to increase interest in the development of intercultural competences of youth workers and young people themselves, including youth with
migration background, by developing a board/card game, completed by App and manual for intercultural communication workshops. The tools allow to understand different cultures present in EU countries. The project is implemented by a partnership of organizations and enterprises from Poland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal.
The game is created in the response to a reduced amount of educational materials enabling the development of intercultural competence of young people. There are practically no free
tools to combine learning with other processes, i.e. communication, cooperation, leadership and conflict resolution. Based on the latest approaches to intercultural learning, the game will avoid stereotyping and the rote memorization of lists of do’s and don’ts, but in a contrary allows you to understand the intentions of the other person, not just their behavior.
The game will be tested and evaluated by the Youth Testing Groups, which guarantee the production of an effective method that will be successfully used by youth workers in various EU countries, and in the same time young people will also be willing to use it. The educational tools will not only contribute to the development of intercultural competences of young people, but will also promote a new approach to the issue of intercultural communication, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and cultural exchange.
Translation of the tools into the native languages of the countries participating in the project (Polish, German, Italian, Greek and Portuguese) will expand the group of users. All project activities drive to increase in the number and quality of workshops from the field of intercultural communication conducted in Poland, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Italy and other EU countries.

The project will run for 24 months ending in September 2022.
The applicant organization is Fundacja Instytut Rownowagi Spoleczno Ekonomicznej . (Poland)

The partner organizations are: