The following are projects that I-Participate is running as a host or has a key role. 

Adventure of a lifetime
An Erasmus+ Youth program, about the Syrian Civil War and its repercussions for Syrian citizens and european societies through immigration.
Plan, Prepare, Do It! 
An Erasmus+ Youth program about youth unemployment in EU and the importance of soft skills.
Active Youth Participation
An Erasmus+ Youth program about active youth participation and how to empower young people to participate in a functioning democracy.
Violent extremism vs intercultural dialogue and peace
An program supported from the EYF of Council of Europe, about empowering youth workers and activists to combat violent extremism and hate speech.
An Erasmus+ Youth exchange on the thematic of active citizenship of young people in terms of environmental protection, volunteering and active participation in their community.
From M.E. to E.U.
This project aims to provide space and opportunities for European citizens and migrants’ communities to work together in order to build up and share a new idea of a multicultural Europe.
A program that aims to raise awareness about human rights and internet literacy in order to combat online hate speech, discrimination and human rights violation.
Active Youth Challenge
This project is an 8-day Youth Exchange that aims to develop ideas on how to activate young people and especially NEETs on local, online and EU level and magnify their impact and level of participation in their community.
ToDAY: Developing digitAl Youth work
This is a project that aims to promote quality youth work through supporting open and innovative practices and by helping youth workers understand digital youth work and develop their capacity on digital youth work.
Step Out
This project focuses on developing individual skills, challenging comfort zone and discovering individual talents.